Recycling of panels

Responsible recycling

Every year we produce thousands of electrical panels. Panels that often contains materials such as steel, plastic, electronics, cobber etc. All materials which can be recycled and turned into new useable raw materials.

In order to make this recycling process easier we have developed a new concept where we offer to receive and dismantle old tic elkas panels. After dismantling the materials are sorted into the correct fragments and send to recycling at our ISO14001 certified waste handler.

By recycling materials, a typical CO2 reduction compared to new production, can be expected as shown

  • Steel – 58%
  • Cobber – 65%
  • Aluminum – 92%
  • Plastic – 30%

All our panels will be equipped with a sticker which gives the end-user information about the concept and how to start the process of returning and recycling the panel. All our quotation will include a one-pager with a short description of the concept.

This document can also be downloaded here.

Use the formula below to contact us for more information or if you have actual tic panels you want to return for recycling.

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