About tic elkas



At tic elkas, we believe in a common responsibility to contribute to solutions for the social and environmental challenges that exist in society today. This is why we have a clear policy on how people associated with our company should act.

We strive to behave properly and decently, and seek to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations. We have a strong focus on combining social, safety and environmental purposes with the interests of our company.

Through respect for proper business practice, clear written policies, non-profit sponsorships and adherence to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals we aim to develop and promote sustainability and accountability throughout the value chain. It is our reason for not only placing high demands on ourselves, but also on our partners and suppliers – both ethically and humanely.

We have clear written policies and processes that support our mission of safely creating opportunities and realizing the potential in collaborations with our customers, suppliers, and partners. This is why a collaboration with Tic-elkas will always be a value-based partnership.

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