The positive business case

Projects and business are subject to constant change in a globalised world – and for companies, adapting to change can be challenging. tic elkas supports you by converting fixed costs into variable outsourced costs.

Outsourcing of electrical design department
Outsourcing of documentation engineers and systems
Outsourcing of full or partial panel manufacturing
Outsourcing of software development and maintenance
Outsourcing of installation
Outsourcing of software and system support
Outsourcing of purchases and spare parts
Cost-optimized production and development in Lithuania
And much, much more ...

A strong outsourcing concept

A collaboration with tic elkas will always be a partnership that strengthens your business. We will be an integral part of your development team and will handle all the software and electrical tasks in the project – from design to implementation, installation and testing of the finished solution. Basically, you will get an external department to draw on during the entire process. By outsourcing your tasks to Tic-elkas, you also ensure that all solutions live up to the market’s latest standards and regulations.

Let’s be partners
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