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Tic-elkas has been around for more than 50 years and during this period, we have grown from being a local company to be a global partner. We specialize in advanced, certified, and cost-effective solutions within automation, panels, power and services for several different sectors. A partnership with Tic-elkas gives you some clear advantages in the market, so get in touch if you’re looking for a competent partnership.

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A partnership with tic elkas gives you …

Access to more than 50 years’ industry knowledge and experience
A partnership throughout the value chain
A partner that continuously invest in training, machines, and digitalization
The market's most advanced, flexible, and reliable solutions
Consulting, planning, development, and implementation
Testing, verification, and quality assurance
Fixed pricing and punctual delivery times
Cost-optimized production in Denmark and Lithuania

Specialist knowledge and customised solutions

Utilising the latest knowledge in several core areas, Tic-elkas advises, designs, and implements some of the market’s most innovative and comprehensive solutions for customers worldwide.

Our approach is to identify your needs and thereby ensure optimal conditions in terms of safety, operation, transparency, and flexibility throughout the process. This ensures a tailored process – and always with the possibility to make ongoing changes if a given task requires alterations during the process.

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The best partner

At Tic-elkas, we value long-term thinking. The result is great continuity within management, employees, and strategy.
We prioritize good business practice, efficient workflows, and a healthy work environment for our worldwide workforce.

We have an informal and strong company culture with a focus on specialist competencies, collaboration, and development. This enables us to remain competitive by jointly finding solutions to large, complex challenges. In short, you can always be sure that our work supports your business.

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