Machine industry

Focus on flexibility and economy

All over the world, machines solve numerous tasks in different, highly competitive industries. This is why tic elkas not only focuses on the technical solution, but also on keeping costs down to maintain and improve your  competitiveness. Every year, we deliver thousands of solutions for the machine industry, enabling us to flexibly contribute with best-practice knowledge and optimizations in all phases of the project – from selection of platform to production, programming, and installation to further cost-optimisation of prototypes and larger series.

Food machines
Pharma machines
Transport systems
Box handling systems
Washing systems
Welding systems
Packaging machines
Palletizing machines
Insulation materials
Industrial robots
Wind turbine blade production
Pressure test system
Cost optimization
Design and certification for Ex, CE, cUL, UL and CSA
Machine installation
CEO / Partner
Frank Müntzberg
(+45) 51 21 62 85
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