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Our engineers, production teams and installation teams deliver a unique range of options in terms of automation, services, panels, and power solutions. Our specialist knowledge and extensive market insight most likely enables us to provide you with an already well-proven and cost-optimal solution to some of the challenges you might face in different environments and in different countries. Few in the industry offer the same expertise and years of experience as tic elkas. A partnership with us is a unique possibility to improve your business by utilising our areas of expertise and special skills.

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We build on partnership

The first thing you will experience in a collaboration with tic elkas is a partnership where we are with you all the way – from the initial meeting to a finished, implemented solution. Close partnerships are the essence of the entire organization at Tic-elkas. These partnerships are the primary reason for our flexible value chain and our ability to deliver some of the market’s most advanced, flexible, reliable, and secure solutions.

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