Food industry

Industrial production and high demands

Due to the general population growth in the world – as well as increased demands for quality and traceability – the demand for systems for industrial food production is a growing international business area. tic elkas has worked in the food industry for many years and has extensive experience with many different systems and solutions for food production. This most likely means that we have already done business within your – or a similar – industry and therefore know the solutions for ensuring fast development and optimal operation of the systems.

Transport and packaging systems
Fish farming
On- and offshore systems for seafood production
Animal feed
Brewery systems
Chocolate and coffee production
Bakery systems
Meat processing systems
Ice cream and dairy systems
Big-bag systems
Freeze and spray drying
Data and recipe management
Integrations with factory management and ERP systems
Traceability, barcode, and RFID systems
Automatic visual inspection
ATEX requirements, panels, certifications, and equipment
UL & CSA panels and certifications
IP6x panels and systems
Installation, service, and support
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Frank Müntzberg
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