UPS & power supply

We’ve got the power

Since 1978, tic elkas has worked with power solutions for critical infrastructure in areas like airports, bridges, trains, tunnels, power plants, oil rigs, and pharma plants. Today, our power experts develop, document, produce, test, and certify a wide range of UPS, power supplies and charger systems from kW to MW.

Design and electrical technical calculations
AC/DC, AC/AC & DC/DC systems
Standard and special UPS systems from kW to MW
Special DC & AC power supply systems
Special battery charger systems
Battery systems
Special test at own test centre in Denmark
Onsite installation
Integration with SRO and other systems
Spare parts
Service and support agreements

Knowledge and certifications

Below, a selection of the standards and certifications we use for power systems:

DS / EN62040-3 methods for specifying performance and test requirements UPS systems
ATEX DS S531 og PQAN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018
IECex QAR GB/EXV/QAR20.0008/00
DS S544 Machine Directive
EN50124-1 – railroad standard
CSA 22.2 & cUL
Rockwell systems
Siemens systems
Schneider systems
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